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Kelmer Group opens a doorway to the world’s 14th largest economy. Australia is considered the most strategic hub to target the dynamic Asia Pacific region.

The lucky country has entered its 28th year of consecutive annual economic growth, setting a new record among developed economies for uninterrupted expansion. This enviable record of steady growth proves the strenght of Australia’s economy and its reliability as a low-risk and safe environment in which conducting business. The country’s strong regulatory institutions, ability to respond to global changes, and diversified, services-based economy underpin its steady growth.

As Kelmer Group, investing in the right country has always been important and as we take the next step to extend our reach across the world, Australia stands as a stimulating and secure place to invest and do business. Kelmer consultants will assist entrepreneurs in penetrating the Australian market from start-up support to day-to-day or extraordinary activities.

Tax & Legal


  • Formation of companies (Incorporation)
    1. Formation of legal entities in Australia – companies, branches, representative offices
    2. Selection of a local partner or agent
    3. Trade name selection and reservation
    4. Drafting and reviewing of legal documents and agreements between partners
    5. Renewal of permits and licenses
  • Consultancy on current legislations and regulations in Australia
  • Assistance to drafting a business plan and selection of a most suitable legal form
  • Assistance during the start-up phase
  • Trademark registration
  • Relocation services for both company employees or individuals


  • Assistance to employment related activities (processing of visas, labor card, medical insurance, driving license, etc.)
  • Transfer of tax residency
  • Research of residential and office properties and activation of related services (utilities, P.O. Box, etc.)
  • Assistance in renting, purchasing and registering of vehicles
  • Assistance in finding suitable health and property insurance packages
  • Research of appropriate schooling institutes
  • Trade analysis on different sectors
  • Market surveys on proposed products/services
  • Organization of inbound and outbound trade and scouting missions, individual or collective
  • Organization of focused B2B meetings with prominent local operators
  • Identifying local operators (distributors, buyers, agents)
  • Marketing & logistics support to exhibitors during trade fairs and workshops
  • Organization of sector oriented seminars and workshops, locally and internationally
  • Organization of promotional and/or networking events
Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Bookkeeping/recording of all journal entries
  • Bank/Cash, Inventory and Intercompany reconciliations
  • Performing Accounts Receivables and Payables functions
  • Processing of clients employees’ payroll and preparation of pay slips
  • Finalization of annual Financial Statements ready for audit in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)


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649 004 651
lv.12, 90 Arthur Street
North Sydney NSW 2026, Australia
+61 2 8007 3868