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Kelmer Middle East is an International Service Organization helping companies in their access to the fast-growing UAE market, setting up and developing business opportunities. Kelmer Middle East boasts of a dynamic team of  goal-oriented consultants who have developed a specialized local expertise in a wide range of business sectors. 

In order to provide a high-level and comprehensive assistance, our structure is supported by various departments offering the following services: 

  • Tax & Legal 
  • Internationalization & Marketing 
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping 
  • Financial Consultancy
  • PRO Services
  • Real Estate Consultancy

Our Services

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai in particular has fast developed into one of the most important centers of International Trade and Finance. Strategically located between the East and the West, the Country has gained position as a logistic hub and a gate to the Middle and Far East markets for European companies. 

Thanks to our extensive experience gained from long-termed, strong ties with the local Authorities and business community, Kelmer Middle East proudly offers, since 2007, a comprehensive and customized assistance that facilitates entrepreneurial activities. 

Through dedicated services, aimed at bridging ties between our clients and the local business, solving bureaucratic, administrative and fiscal issues, Kelmer’s consultancy ranges from start-up support to day-to-day or extraordinary activities.


Tax & Legal

We can provide customized assistance to our clients who are beginning a new life and business experience in Dubai. Thanks to our solid expertise, we can help you in preparing and submitting all the necessary documents, hence allowing you to benefit from the numerous advantages of obtaining a Dubai residency status.

The diversified and broad range of services within this department are divided into Corporate and Individual.


  • Formation of companies (Incorporation)
    1. Formation of legal entities in mainland Dubai – companies, branches, representative offices
    2. Formation of legal entities in the Free Zones
    3. Obtainment of several types of licenses
    4. Selection of a local partner or agent
    5. Trade name selection and reservation
    6. Drafting and reviewing of legal documents and agreements between partners
    7. Renewal of permits and licenses
  • Consultancy on current legislations and regulations in the UAE
  • Assistance to drafting a business plan and selection of a most suitable legal form
  • Assistance during the start-up phase
  • M & A operations
  • Trademark registration
  • Relocation services for both company employees or individuals


  • Assistance to employee related activities (processing of visas, labor card, Emirates ID & E-gate, medical insurance, driving license, etc.)
  • Transfer of tax residency
  • Research of residential properties and activation of related services (utilities, P.O. Box, etc.)
  • Assistance in renting, purchasing and registering of vehicles
  • Assistance in finding suitable health and property insurance packages
  • Research of appropriate schooling institutes
Internationalisation & Marketing

Not only do we support enterprises in their assessment and approach to the UAE market, but we also study Communication and Marketing strategies to help them promote and develop their business and visibility in the local market.


  • Trade analysis on different sectors
  • Market surveys on proposed products/services
  • Organization of inbound and outbound trade and scouting missions, individual or collective
  • Organization of focused B2B meetings with prominent local operators
  • Identifying local operators (distributors, buyers, agents)
  • Marketing & logistics support to exhibitors during trade fairs and workshops
  • Organization of sector oriented seminars and workshops, locally and internationally

Marketing & Communication

  • Organization of promotional and/or networking events
  • Editing & Copywriting of promotional material such as brochures, product information, website contents, editorials, etc.
  • Preparation of marketing plans along with advertising and digital campaigns
  • Web design & brand identity
Accounting & Bookkeeping

We are responsible for the recording and maintenance of our client's accounting records in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in U.A.E. and the services include:

  • Bookkeeping/recording of all journal entries
  • Bank/Cash, Inventory and Intercompany reconciliations
  • Performing Logistic functions such as clearance of consignments and related documentation
  • Performing Accounts Receivables and Payables functions
  • Processing of clients employees’ payroll through Wage Protection System (WPS), preparation of pay slips and calculation of gratuity as per the Dubai Labour Law
  • Finalization of annual Financial Statements ready for audit in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Analysis of business operations, trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations, to project future revenues and expenses.
  • Developing, maintaining, and analyzing budgets and as well as preparing periodic reports that compare budgeted costs to actual costs.
VAT Services
  • VAT registration / amendments / cancellation - applications
  • VAT Law compliance
  • VAT return filing submission
  • VAT refund filing submission
  • Reconsideration form submission
  • Voluntary Disclosure form submission
Financial Consultancy (by KMFK)

Headquartered in London, KMFK is a Kelmer Group company incorporated to drive the needs of Private Equity funds, Venture Capital funds, Investment Club, Investment Company, family offices, and all companies whom aim to undertake the internationalization process. KMFK will handle relations between investors and companies throughout Kelmer global network. KMFK is an advisor at the forefront of addressing key issues on the global markets today with a local focus in the major foreign countries.

KMFK standard services include: 

  • Fundraising mandate
  • Corporate finance (maximizing shareholders value through long and short-term financial planning and strategies)
  • Assets management analysis and reviews
  • Financial risk management analysis
  • Financials documentation (memorandum, financials plan) and dossier for investors
  • Later stage development capital
  • Setting up and running SIF (sub level fund manager mandate)
  • Setup and building portfolio of target companies
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Technical Analysis of the financial markets
  • International relations between investors and companies
  • Private Equity Transaction Advisory Services
Others financial services are available upon request. 

HR & PRO Services

Kelmer provides solutions and services to its client’s organizations in the field of recruitment. We are committed to fit the right people for the right job.   

By this, we are able to bring out the best performance from the candidate and deliver efficient human resource to the client’s organization.


  • Job Order
  • Screening & Selection of candidates
  • Initial interview with candidates
  • Reference Checks
  • CV presentation to Client
  • Interview preparation with Client
  • Follow up after interview
  • Salary negotiation
  • Signing of contract


  • HR Policies & Employee Handbook
  • Induction of new employees
  • Attendance & Leave Management
  • Appraisals & Performance Management Systems
  • Assistance in managing Conduct Issues
  • Assistance in drawing up Offer Letters, Employment Contracts, Warning Letters, Termination Letters, etc.
  • Assistance in calculation of End of Service benefits in compliance with the UAE Labor Law


  • Processing of employee visas
  • Processing of employee labor contracts with the Ministry of Labor
  • Renewals of employee visas and labor contracts
  • Cancellation of employee visas and labor contracts

Real Estate Consultancy

The importance and the peculiarity of Dubai’s real estate market requires specific administrative and legal support. Kelmer M.E. is able to assist its clients in real estate transactions by offering its professional competence and thereby helping them settle successful negotiations with parties involved. In addition to acting as an intermediate and preparing all necessary documents, we also assist our clients in drafting and managing lease agreements.

  • Consultancy on market trends and up-to-date regulations
  • Assistance and consultancy during the process of purchase/lease of the property
  • Assistance in settling real estate disputes

Kelmer Middle East LLC

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