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Kelmer China AICEC 6th-7th November 2019

On the 6th and the 7th of November, Kelmer Business Consulting Shanghai was invited by AICEC (the Association for the Promotion and Development of the Internationalization of Technical Skills of Accountants and Accounting Experts) to attend the China-Hong Kong 2019 Chartered Accountants and Businesses Mission.

The mission was aimed at helping Italian Legal and Tax Advisors identify interesting opportunities within the Chinese market, which they would then share with companies who are looking to invest in the country.

Michele Lo Muto, management consultant in charge of Kelmer Business Consulting Shanghai addressed the delegation on November 6th at the Grand Hotel in Shanghai along with other consulting firms operating in the country. He spoke about e-commerce in China, tariffs and trade barriers and the opportunities that come with it. Following the round table discussion, Kelmer Shanghai met with the participants individually and addressed their specific questions about the Chinese market.

Kelmer Shanghai also organized a workshop at the offices on the following day. The workshop focused on similar topics, which included e-commerce and the on-going duty war, and highlighted the new opportunities that could arise in this particular scenario for an organization who want to invest in this market. Special guest, Fabio Giacopello, a lawyer with expertise about intellectual property in China, took the stage to discuss the importance of hiring a business consultancy, why it is vital to rely on their expertise before taking the first step in China and how this will help businesses make the right move and avoid mistakes that could compromise their entire operation.

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