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5 Reasons to Go International Featured

In today’s society, many companies are driven to establish their businesses in foreign markets, through seeking international growth. This is because going global offers enormous different opportunities such as expanding business market share and diversification.

This article is focused on 5 of the main reasons, as to why companies decide to outsource their business and exploit the advantages of globalization to their fullest.

Nevertheless, while there are many advantages of expanding internationally, there are also serious challenges allied with this complex and growing phenomenon. Thus, our experts are here to provide you with specialised advice and assist you, in order to maximize your business capabilities on worldwide international markets.

1. Increase Sales and Profitability

Expanding on a global marketspace is more likely to increase overall revenue sales and reduce operational costs, through attracting a larger customer base. In addition, through the help of technologies and the revolution of the internet, international commerce has become even more attractive, for smaller businesses. Through having the opportunity to outsource, they are able to reduce costs and improve their business management & operational efficiency.

2. Greater Economies of Scale

Some companies may want to expand their business products, as they are more likely to be accepted around the world. In many industries, expansion through internationalisation may benefit companies, through achieving better economies of scale. This is especially the case for companies operating in smaller more domestic markets. Moreover, internationalisation may also serve as an opportunity to differentiate or exploit a new product extension, service, or brand.

3. Enter new Markets & Spread the Risk

The popularity of internationalization is also thanks to countries opening up trade barriers and lowering tariffs across the world. Internationalization allows companies to diversify their businesses and be able to ease the risk of decelerating demand, across different countries. Operating in various countries also gives companies the opportunity to invest in innovation and develop different variations of their products and services, which may also shield them from declining interest in a particular product or service.

4. Attracting new Talents

Going international enables companies to have access to a broader talent pool. Employees that speak multiple languages and are accustomed to different cultures are able to amplify connections with a wider customer base. Moreover, it allows companies to create global work teams, that have expertise in local markets and that are able to exploit domestic market resources and raw materials, through connecting with local suppliers.

5. Saturation of Home Market & Competitors’ Move

Offset of home market is also a reason as to why companies decide to expand globally, as well as first mover advantage, as this avoids local rivalry and could lead to exceptional high returns on invested capital.

How we can assist you

Thanks to our international offices, located in the most strategic markets of Europe , Middle East and Asia, not only we are able to assist you on every level of your business organizational needs, but we continuously look for new solutions for you. 

Our marketing team is known to have excellent expertise on local markets and is here to advise you on the best-suited business environments for your international ventures, as well as plan the right entry strategy for your products and services.
Once we have defined your business objectives and approach, our fiscal and legal specialists will provide you with the most efficient solutions for your company set up and operational management.

Our focus is to maximize your business potentials, provide you with the required skills to become a professional leader and help you create long-lasting local relationships.

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